Kirk Dodge

Position: Math Teacher

School: Columbia Junior High School

School District: Fife Public Schools

City, State: Fife, Washington

About the Nominee: Kirk Dodge is an educator in the truest sense of the word! As a union leader, he consistently looks at what is best for the students in the Fife School District, but not to the detriment of the teachers that educate these students. His transparency in all situations allows him to create personal relationships that move education forward in in the district. All of this is done without losing sight of his classes. More specifically, his students are the first priority. Although he is regarded as one of the finest teachers in Fife, Mr. Dodge challenges himself every day to look at his craft and get better when he sees an opportunity to do so. Also, he is a leader at the school and department level that works with everyone to get things done. When working with district staff on the curriculum, he does not allow personal pride to get in the way of re-examining the work that kids do. When working with building administration, he ensures that initiatives are in the best interest of students and when deemed so, he supports them wholeheartedly. Finally, his best asset is working directly with students, especially those who are the hardest to work with. Mr. Dodge proves to his students that they can be successful. He is one of the finest teachers and human beings one could meet!

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