Kim Schwartz

Position: Third Grade Teacher

School: P.S. 050 Frank Hankinson

School District: New York City Department of Education - District 31

City, State: Staten Island, New York

About the Nominee: Kim Schwartz was nominated by the parent of a student who wishes to remain anonymous. At the end of their child's year in second grade, the student's teachers and therapists at P.S. 50 felt that they were ready to transfer from an ICT class into a general education class. While this was wonderful news, it was also a very big decision for this nominator. They had faith in their child and knew they could do it, but third grade is a big year! They were worried that it might not have been the right time to make the move, but by the end of the summer, they were sure that they had to let their child fly. And fly they did! In fact, they flew higher than any expectation this nominator had for their third grade year.

When this nominator heard their child was in Mrs. Schwartz's class, they were a little worried. They had heard that she was an amazing teacher, but that her class could be challenging. Again, their child's transition into a general education class was their main concern. On a morning in mid-September, however, their child excitedly expressed that they were researching other countries and taking notes. This student's excitement and desire to go to school became more and more obvious. They often expressed how much they liked Mrs. Schwartz and how great her class was. They never wanted to miss a day - in fact, they did not miss one day of school last year. This student was totally motivated to learn and do well in her class. Her nominator felt beyond grateful that their child's transition had gone so well and that they continued to grow and progress beyond their expectations.

What is there to say about Mrs. Schwartz? She is a remarkable teacher. Her communication with parents about their children is more than efficient. She is well aware of her students' strengths and weaknesses. Although she gives plenty of advice on how to help students with their weaknesses, she certainly does not focus on them. She always acknowledges their strengths and definitely motivates them to progress on a daily basis. By the end of third grade, her nominator's child had not only done well academically, but had also grown as a person. They were definitely more confident, both academically and socially. Her nominator states that as a parent, this kind of growth was priceless to them.

Mrs. Schwartz is a teacher who truly cares about her students. She goes above and beyond to help them progress and grow. She is truly a LifeChanger!

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