Kelly Palmer

Position: School Counselor School: Troy Junior and Senior High School

School District: Troy Public Schools

City, State: Troy, Montana

About the Nominee: Kelly Palmer was nominated by his principal and superintendent, Jacob Francom.

Kelly Palmer has been a school counselor at Troy Junior and Senior High School for the past twenty years. His nominator, Jacob Francom, has had the opportunity to work with and learn from Mr. Palmer for the past six years as principal of Troy Junior and Senior High School and Superintendent of Troy School District.

As the school counselor, Mr. Palmer works with students, parents and teachers to increase student achievement and promote student awareness and readiness for college. He possesses the quintessential values and work ethic that make a professional successful. His combination of diligence, intellect, hard work and empathy is the cornerstone of his accomplishments. Mr. Palmer is very skillful and has earned the respect of the students, his peers and the community. His influence is felt not only in the classroom, but in the school community because of the relationships he has developed with students, parents and teachers throughout his tenure.

Mr. Palmer’s impact in the Troy Junior and Senior High School has been extraordinary, and his accomplishments have improved services for all Troy students. His influence has helped the district accomplish the following:

-Troy High School’s graduation rate is at an all-time high of over 94%. - A more formalized intervention program at the high school has been implemented, with many teachers involved and regular communication taking place between them, therapists, counselors and administration. -Mr. Palmer oversees many graduation activities to encourage students to attend post-secondary schooling, such as FAFSA paperwork nights, scholarship week, ACT testing, etc. -Many students who struggle at Troy also struggle with attendance. The district has seen an improvement in student attendance by 10% across the board due to Mr. Palmer’s role in attendance committees, positive relationships with students and regular communication with parents.

There are many different aspects to a school counselor’s position, and Mr. Palmer balances all of them with grace and dignity. He is a team player and has had a major impact on generations of students and on the Troy community. Mr. Palmer is a very conscientious educator who has demonstrated this time and time again. He is an intelligent, hard worker and an incredible LifeChanger!

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