Kelly Gennett

Position: First Grade Teacher

School: Woodman Park School

School District: Dover School District

City, State: Dover, New Hampshire

About the Nominee: Kelly Gennett was nominated by the parent of one of her students, who wishes to remain anonymous. Her dedication to her work at Woodman Park School (WPS) has a positive impact on all students, as well as the greater Dover community. Her nominator states that they knew Ms. Gennett was different within the first week of school this year. Their son came home with a new level of engagement and excitement about school. He continually said, "We have a great class this year." His positive outlook on his classmates and newfound confidence in himself came from Ms. Gennett's immediate ability to ensure the students felt safe and appreciated as soon as they walked into the classroom. She demonstrates respect and care for all of her students. She expects her students to be kind and courteous to others, and she recognizes these behaviors with positive reinforcement. Furthermore, Ms. Gennett holds herself to the same standard, demonstrating the ability to be calm, patient and understanding for her students despite language barriers, disabilities and the natural energy of first graders. She demonstrates how to treat others by treating her students the way she expects them to act in her classroom.

Ms. Gennett's work to enhance student learning and opportunities goes beyond her own classroom. For the past seven years, she has run homework labs and enrichment programs with the Seymour Osman Community Center's after school program at WPS. Prior to WPS, she taught pre-school and after school Kindergarten at Garrison Family Early Childhood Center in Dover, NH. Additionally, she is the founder, director and teacher of Camp BEYOND, a summer enrichment program hosted at WPS. She just completed her 4th summer of Camp BEYOND, which was a great success!

Ms. Gennett's positive energy and enthusiasm transcends to all areas of her professional work. Her commitment to the teaching profession nourishes the atmosphere of WPS and the Dover community. She has an immense impact on the lives of her school's diverse students, and she undoubtedly is a LifeChanger for the many lives she touches through her incredible work.

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