Kelli Kana

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher

School: Healdton Elementary School

School District: Healdton Public Schools

City, State: Healdton, Oklahoma

About the Nominee: Kelli Kana was nominated by her spouse, Justin Kana. Mrs. Kana is a LifeChanger because of her tireless desire to help her students succeed. She has tremendous success in getting the most out of her students in terms of academics. This is evidenced by her outstanding test scores on the state's accountability and assessment system. More importantly, she has touched the lives of her students emotionally through her generosity and kindness. She makes every student feel worthy and capable of being their best self.

Mrs. Kana doesn't allow her students to use their disabilities or disadvantages to hold themselves back. She has them focus on their strengths and helps them improve their weaknesses so they can feel empowered in the classroom and in life. Additionally, she is the middle school cheer coach and works relentlessly to make her athletes the best they can be. She requires them to be dedicated and dependable at practice and during games, and she expects and accepts nothing but superior effort in all aspects of the sport. The cheerleaders love her for her desire and compassion towards them and their craft. Mrs. Kana is a tremendous LifeChanger in her community!

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