Keithley Stanley

Position: English Teacher School: Franklin High School

School District: El Paso Independent School District

City, State: El Paso, Texas

About the Nominee: Keithley Stanley was nominated by her principal, Carla Gasway.

Keithley Stanley was originally an elementary school teacher. She met with her future principal, Carla Gasway, three summers ago and told Principal Gasway that she wanted to make an impact on teenagers because she felt that many of them become disconnected in high school. Ms. Stanley studied for the high school English test and became certified to teach high school English. With her drive, compassion and dedication, Principal Gasway hired her immediately.

Ms. Stanley is one of the most compassionate people one could meet. She truly cares about students and wants to help them be successful. She is understanding of students’ personal issues and works with students to help them persevere and accomplish more than they believed they could. Ms. Stanley is the first to volunteer to teach ‘difficult’ students. She makes a lifelong impact on these students by being an adult who believes in them and cares about them.

Ms. Stanley is a leader among her peers. She sits on the school’s Campus Improvement Team. She volunteered to be part of a team that attended No Excuses University (NEU) training and was instrumental in developing her school’s application. With her support, Franklin High was accepted into the NEU Network; now, her challenge is to change the school’s culture among all stakeholders (faculty/staff, students, and parents).

At the district level, Ms. Stanley serves on the Teacher Advisory Team, which meets monthly with the Chief of Schools to give input on district initiatives. Additionally, she is involved in the El Paso community with Junior League of El Paso and the “Sparkle and Shine” Christmas Fair. Under her leadership, they raised $241,464 to fund programs and projects that aid the less fortunate youth of El Paso.

Ms. Stanley is dedicated to improving instruction. This year, all Franklin High students received a laptop from the district. Ms. Stanley was instrumental in helping all teachers to learn how to use Office 365. She has developed notebooks that all her students, parents and colleagues can access, and she trained any teacher who wanted to learn how to use it. Everything needed for her class is there. Additionally, she created a notebook where mentors could put private notes from their meetings with their assigned students. In the notebook, which was only accessible to the teacher-mentor and Principal Gasway, were the student’s grades, attendance, and progress reports.

Overall, Ms. Stanley is a phenomenal teacher and extremely caring individual!

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