Katie Gisler

Position: English Teacher / Department Chair

School: South Albany High School

School District: Greater Albany Public Schools

City, State: Albany, Oregon

About the Nominee: Katie Gisler was nominated by her principal, Brent Belveal. Mrs. Gisler is an incredible educator who has dedicated her life to the students in her school. She arrives early and leaves late. She is at every game, concert or event that her students are involved with.

Mrs. Gisler works with some of the most challenged students who are unable to pass the state test. She finds a way to meet their individual needs to get them to graduate. On the other end of the spectrum, she also teaches her school's most advanced English students and is as much a mother to them as she is a teacher. She helps these students through the various challenges they encounter while still helping them to understand the general importance of learning and understand themselves through their own reading and writing.

Mrs. Gisler is leading a new team of AVID teachers who work with some of the ninth grade students who need extra support and guidance. It's been a match made in heaven as the students respond to her nature and her warmth. She gives up her Tuesday nights to hang out with her Key Club students as they serve a free community meal every Tuesday at a local church. The meal is great, but the life lessons the students learn through Mrs. Gisler's patience and understanding are far more important.

She is always willing to serve on any school committee and is all about bringing her best to her students. Mrs. Gisler's students learn how important it is to care about others and give back. Throughout her career, Mrs. Gisler has guided some incredibly successful students, and she has supported the most challenged students. To her, every student is of equal importance, and she values the whole child. The students know she cares for them and will do anything she asks.

Mrs. Gisler is more than an exemplary teacher; she's truly a LifeChanger in her school and her community!

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