Kathy Estes

Position: Second Grade Teacher

School: Bowdon Elementary School

School District: Carroll County School District

City, State: Bowdon, Georgia

About the Nominee: Kathy Estes has been teaching for 14 years. Her passion for learning is continuously evident as she researches new ways of reaching children. For the past two years, she has been the team leader of Bowdon Elementary School's Second Grade team. Mrs. Estes has worked very hard to help this team know what students need in order to be successful once they leave second grade. She is sharply aware of what is needed to succeed in third grade because she taught this grade level for several years. Mrs. Estes is energetic and passionate in her approach to teaching students. She holds high expectations for her students, as she strives to help them reach their full potential. It is a pleasure to work with a leader who is constantly researching and trying new ideas to make sure she is on top of what makes a difference for students. Above all, it is evident that she loves children from all walks of life.

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