Karen Willmitch

Position: Third and Fifth Grade Intervention Specialist

School: Roxboro Elementary School

School District: Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

City, State: Cleveland Heights, Ohio

About the Nominee: Karen Willmitch was nominated by her colleague, Kristi Glasier. Mrs. Willmitch and Ms. Glasier have known each other for a decade. This school year, they are working together in a co-teaching model for mathematics. During this time, Mrs. Willmitch has consistently been an impressive colleague who treats students and staff with respect. She is hard-working, eager to collaborate and recognize goodness and is committed to helping students progress academically, behaviorally and emotionally.

This year, Mrs. Willmitch has three students from Ms. Glasier's class who receive specific services from her. During her instruction, she builds a positive rapport with every member of her learning community. She is willing to help any student and provides positive and detailed feedback to the students in a timely manner. Mrs. Willmitch is a member of the TAP (Teacher-Administrator Partnership) committee, an elected position that works to maintain a positive, productive climate and culture in the school's learning environment.

Mrs. Willmitch is an organized, creative teacher who is well-liked by students, staff and families in her building. She is a positive force and LifeChanger in her community!

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