Karen Chapman

Position: 1/2 Combination Teacher

School: Lincoln Elementary School

School District: Newark Unified School District

City, State: Newark, California

About the Nominee: Karen Chapman was nominated by her principal, Angela Ehrlich.

Karen Chapman is a teacher with a can-do attitude who wants to do what is best for her students. She goes above and beyond to bring programs to school that her students will enjoy, and she willingly spearheads these programs to ensure all students participate and attain full benefits. To give an example, Ms. Chapman wrote a grant to get 25 computers and 31 yoga mats for her students. She has great rapport with her students, and she attends and participates in many student-related activities. For these reasons, her students adore her.

Ms. Chapman is very innovative and willing to learn. She is also eager to share her knowledge and expertise, not only with staff, but with administration and district office personnel. She was the first teacher who volunteered to teach a combination class in her school. This is the kind of person she is - always willing to help with a can-do attitude.

Ms. Chapman volunteered to participate in writing district essential standards with other teachers during the summer, using some of her holiday time away from school to come back and help. Additionally, she volunteered to participate in an interview panel to hire two new teachers at her school. Ms. Chapman is a team player and a great teacher who is well respected by all staff members. She is very positive and brings that energy to the entire staff. Ms. Chapman is a treasured staff member and a true LifeChanger!