Kalvin Randall

Position: Academic Tutor/Computer Lab Instructor

School: Wilkins Elementary School

School District: Jackson Public Schools

City, State: Jackson, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Kalvin Randall was nominated by his twin, Alvin Randall. Kalvin Randall has worked with Jackson Public Schools for over 28 years. He began teaching at Walton Elementary School for two years before moving to Baker Elementary School for 11 years. Afterwards, he taught at Lake Elementary School for 15 years before moving to Wilkins Elementary, where he currently teaches.

Mr. Randall is supportive and devotes his time and energy toward helping teachers, parents and students. He is an exceptional role model for male students, and he is able to reach some of them when no one else can. He goes above and beyond the call of duty by spending countless hours during and after school working with students in many areas. Some of these areas include academics, social skills, mentoring and being a good listener. He has also worked in the 21st Century after-school program at Lake Elementary.

Many of his students look forward to seeing him every day. He is a great disciplinarian and a wonderful leader who loves students. Teaching is his calling! His presence alone has commanded the attention and respect of the children in the different elementary schools he has worked. Mr. Randall is also a “Jack-Of-All-Trades," because he is versatile and goes wherever he is needed. He monitors the hallway, classes, cafeteria, outside, etc. His smile, humorous ways and attitude reflect the kind of person he really is. He has strong faith and knows that anything is possible.

Mr. Randall puts a lot of time into his church, as well. He currently attends New Galilean Baptist Church, but he was crowned a Deacon in 2008 at New Canney Creek M.B. Church.

Additionally, Mr. Randall formed a mentoring group for fifth grade boys at Lake Elementary called K.O.O.L. Boys, which stands for Kids Overcoming Obstacles in Life. He founded this group over ten years ago, and parents, teachers and community people still speak very highly of what he has done with the group. This year, he started a new mentoring group at Wilkins for 4th and 5th grade boys called the S.U.P.E.R. Boys. It stands for Scholars United to Prepare for Educational Readiness.

Some of the other titles he has held (both past and present) are as follows: Coordinator for “Jump Rope for Heart” (American Heart Association), Black History Chairperson, Field Day Chairperson, Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor, BBBS Advisory Board Chairperson, BBBS of Mississippi Board Member and SouthWest Cleanup Committee Member.

Mr. Randall’s discipline strategies, leadership abilities and genuine love for children are a combination that can’t be defeated. His twin, Alvin, is excited to recognize him as a LifeChanger!

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