Kaitlyn Pickett

Position: Second Grade Teacher

School: College Park Elementary School

School District: Pascagoula-Gautier School District

City, State: Gautier, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Kaitlyn Pickett was nominated by a student, Lydia-Kate Jordan. Ms. Pickett works really hard to make learning fun. She spends time creating fun things for students to do while we learn. To give some examples, she made the classroom into a Pokemon game for students to learn how to read. She also made "Pickettville" to help students learn to work in groups, and to teach them that it's not always about themselves. Ms. Pickett decorates the entire classroom and hallway for different things her students do. She teaches them how to speak properly, and not to say things like "ain't," or "do's not." She's a super fun teacher who stays after school and helps students with their homework.

Ms. Pickett is also on the literacy team, and she helps Lydia-Kate's other teacher all the time because it's their first year. Lydia-Kate says that Ms. Pickett has helped her be a better reader, meet her AR goal and raise her AR level. Ms. Pickett has a chart in the classroom where students can see how far they have to go to reach their AR goal, and they all meet their goals because she really helps them.

When students are sad, Ms. Pickett hangs out with them on the playground. When students don't get along in class, she talks to them to help them be friends again. When Ms. Pickett teaches, she sings, raps, acts and uses puppets. She teaches her students to do what's right, and she helps them use more advanced words such as melancholy and ecstatic to describe their feelings. Ms. Pickett is an awesome teacher, and her students are lucky to have her!

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