Julie Ryals

Position: Seventh Grade English Teacher

School: Purvis Middle School

School District: Lamar County School District

City, State: Purvis, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Julie Ryals was nominated by Jessica Howell, the parent of a student. Mrs. Ryals teaches Ms. Howell's daughter who is new to Purvis Middle School, and Mrs. Ryals has made her transition so wonderful! Even when she is going through challenging times, Mrs. Ryals continues to smile and make sure her students are ok, including Ms. Howell's daughter.

According to her nominator, Mrs. Ryals is one of the strongest people one could meet. She has three children who attend Purvis Schools, and all three children are active in various sports. It's common to see Mrs. Ryals working the concession stand and staying late to clean up after games. She has a lot of faith, which helps her get through trials in her life. Ms. Howell loves her dearly and considers her a LifeChanger because she treats each student like her own child!

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