Julie Duke

Position: Drama Teacher

School: New Hope High School

School District: Lowndes County School District

City, State: Columbus, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Julie Duke teaches Drama at New Hope High School. This course consistently produces plays for the school and community because Ms. Duke willingly spends her own money to make it happen. She has a class of over 40 students ranging from 9th-12 grades. Her class has to meet in the cafeteria to have space for every student. She works with students from all walks of life and interests. She reaches out to all students with her love of the subject, but more so with her love for them. This year, she has encouraged her students to write their own play and has guided them into writing a fantastic 50 page manuscript that they will produce at the end of this semester at New Hope.

Through her guidance, the play will also be written and directed by New Hope students. Additionally, she has allowed the students to create the program design for the play, as well. Through her drama program and the way she interacts with students, Ms. Duke is a LifeChanger!

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