Judy Bremner

Position: Science Teacher

School: Sawgrass Springs Middle School

School District: Broward County Public Schools

City, State: Coral Springs, Florida

About the Nominee:

Judy Bremner was nominated by her spouse, Larry Bremner. This is the second year Mrs. Bremner has been nominated for LifeChanger of the Year. She was previously nominated in 2015-16.

Mrs. Bremner has been an advocate for health and wellness for more than 17 years. When she arrived at Broward County Public Schools, Mrs. Bremner established a body management course at Sawgrass Springs Middle School to help improve students' health, especially young girls. Mrs. Bremner quickly became a leader in student fitness and her model has been replicated in schools across the district. Sawgrass Springs itself saw a 74% improvement in the health of the students and staff at the school. Mrs. Bremner rallied the community together for a large event benefiting youth empowerment and the fight against obesity. Her commitment to the community goes far beyond planning and executing fundraisers. Mrs. Bremner also volunteers her talents and experience in the fitness industry to charitable organizations. She has met the needs of individual students and families by providing financial assistance to those in need from her own pocket. As an example, she anonymously paid a family's electric bill so that they would not be without power during the Christmas holiday. Mrs. Bremner's generous spirit and desire to help others makes an impact on so many lives each year and inspires others around her to follow in her footsteps. If there is one word that best describes her, it's "LifeChanger."