Judith Lucas-Odom

Position: Environmental Science Teacher

School: Chester High School

School District: Chester Upland School District

City, State: Chester, Pennsylvania

About the Nominee: Judith Lucas-Odom was nominated by Delores Wright. Ms. Lucas-Odom is very dedicated to her students, and getting the best from them is important to her. Even though some of her students have circumstances at home that aren't always the best, she helps them turn things around. She tries different techniques to get her students excited, not only about learning science, but also about applying what they know to science and STEM careers.

Ms. Lucas-Odom has dedicated her teaching career to helping students with disabilities and disadvantages become successful in science and STEM by increasing their comfort levels through the use of inquiry and hands-on instruction. She continues to give her students a high quality education, which includes some summer time involvement and experiences with organizations like NASA and universities like Penn State.

She spends her money and time on helping others learn outside of the classroom, such as teaching about how drones can be used to navigate and record climate change, as well as testing creek water and tap water for contamination. Ms. Lucas-Odom gets her students excited while engaging them with the material. These are just a few of the things she does to help her students learn and become successful later in life.

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