Joy Gobin

Position: Extended Learning Opportunity Coordinator

School: Lebanon High School

School District: SAU #88 - Lebanon School District

City, State: Lebanon, New Hampshire

About the Nominee: Joy Gobin was nominated by a colleague and friend, Bonnie Robinson. Ms. Gobin coordinates Lebanon High School's highly-regarded Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) program. This program allows students to pursue their education outside of the traditional classroom environment. Each year, more than 200 students earn high school credits through internships, independent studies, performing groups, online classes, college classes and private study. All of these opportunities fulfill a student’s interest or need and have become a hallmark of an LHS education. Through ELOs, students distinguish themselves in unique and creative ways.

Ms. Gobin is a strong advocate for a wide range of students. She works with each student to customize a personalized learning pathway. Every day, she champions her students' success and makes a beneficial difference in their lives. This has a profound effect on her school’s climate and culture. The ELO program is admired by students, parents, teachers and community members, all of whom participate in students’ learning experiences. Ms. Gobin is an upbeat, smiley individual who has found her niche in this life-changing program. She has provided the means and support for all students to explore and learn outside of the traditional seven-period day, from the special ed student who thrives as a teaching intern at one of Lebanon's elementary schools to the young man who accelerated his math program so he could take a course at Dartmouth.

Ms. Gobin's leadership is not limited to the ELO program. She serves on her school's Administrative Council, chairs the District Professional Learning and Development Team and participates on the Educator Effectiveness and Evaluation Committee. Ms. Gobin also demonstrates leadership in quieter ways, whether it's reaching out to others in need, facilitating conversation and collaboration or encouraging a spirit of inclusiveness for all. She is highly involved in her community as a member of the Rotary Club and as a volunteer for several other organizations.

Ms. Gobin's ethics and philosophies are deeply rooted in thirty years of educational experience. As a special educator and reading specialist, she has touched students’ lives for many years. Remarkably, she remains vital and committed to making a difference every day. There is no pretense to Ms. Gobin - she is a genuine teacher, friend, leader and advocate. LHS is lucky to have Ms. Gobin as its ELO Coordinator; she is a LifeChanger!

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