Jordan Siegel

Position: Guidance Counselor

School: Abraham Clark High School

School District: Roselle Public Schools

City, State: Roselle, New Jersey

About the Nominee: Jordan Siegel was nominated by a student, Lauryn Banks. Mr. Siegel may not be a teacher, but his students have learned just as much and have been as positively influenced and helped by him as they could have by anyone else at Abraham Clark High School. He pushes his students beyond barriers they never thought they could possibly break, barriers that are the obstacle to a bright future. For example, he urged Lauryn to attend summer enrichment programs and seminars to enhance her chances of obtaining her own bright future.

According to Lauryn, Mr. Siegel has gone above and beyond to help her get into programs such as the Marine Corps Junior Reserved Officers Training Corps (MCJROTC), as well as the National Honor Society at Abraham Clark High. Lauryn states that both of these programs are essential to her success, and that Mr. Siegel's work has changed her life.

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