John Johnson

Position: Assistant Principal

School: Morton High School

School District: Scott County School District

City, State: Morton, Mississippi

About the Nominee: John Johnson is currently the Athletic Director/Assistant Principal at Morton High School. He is known as "Mr. J," by many of his students, is always available for any student, parent or community member that needs help. The students know that they can approach him in the hallway, cafeteria, his office or any place on campus if they need help or advice. You can always find Mr. Johnson walking the halls talking to students, giving them a fist bump or a high five as they pass by. He has been in education for 17 years, spending 14 of those years as an assistant principal and principal in two school districts. Mr. Johnson is not only involved with events on campus, he is also a deacon at Pleasant Gift MB Church, where he serves his community and congregation in any way possible. He is also finishing his Specialist Degree from William Carey University. After that, he will complete his doctorate in education. Mr. Johnson often times calls himself a servant leader. He is always there to make students, teacher, community members and even other administrators better.

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