John Germano

Position: Director of Athletics

School: Barnegat High School

School District: Barnegat Township School District

City, State: Barnegat , New Jersey

About the Nominee: John Germano was nominated by a colleague, Lourdes LaGuardia. Mr. Germano has dedicated his adult life to the children of Barnegat Township School District. He has been with this school district for 20+ years. According to Ms. LaGuardia, he can often be found at both school and community events greeting every student. He has a personal, vested interest in each one of them.

In Barnegat, he has established a tradition of excellence and commitment to the community. Not all students are involved in athletics, yet he makes it a point to walk the halls and get to know the youth circles. Mr. Germano speaks to students and builds them up, giving them confidence and showing them respect, which students exemplify in turn. He encourages students to become active participants in community activities, and he follows up on students who might show the beginnings of unfavorable habits. He demonstrates his true passion for education and the development of the whole child, both in and out of school. There aren't many people who live, breathe and sleep their role as an educator, student motivator and role model. Mr. Germano is one of these people.

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