John Anzalone

Position: High School Principal

School: Sierra Vista High School

School District: Clark County School District

City, State: Las Vegas, Nevada

About the Nominee: John Anzalone was nominated by Renee Johnson. Dr. Anzalone recently started working at Sierra Vista High School as a new principal. He is the fourth principal that his nominator, Ms. Johnson, has worked under. He might be the youngest principal in Nevada, according to Ms. Johnson. In the short time he has been at Sierra Vista, Dr. Anzalone has made a huge impact. Ms. Johnson says that she has never met or worked under anyone like him. He started the school's first ROTC program, bought new instruments for the performing arts program and is planning to get solar panels for the school. He always has an open ear and open door policy for both students and staff.

Students say that Dr. Anzalone has made Sierra Vista a place where they want to be. It's becoming a place where students are respectful to each other and are learning to get along. Ms. Johnson, who works in the graphics department, says students stop by all day to drop off work for their teachers. These students all say they love him. Dr. Anzalone has made school fun; Sierra Vista has music in the cafeteria and pep rallies that everyone participates in. Overall, Dr. Anzalone has done a great job!

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