Joe Abercrombie

Position: Welding Instructor

School: Edward Bell Career Tech Center

School District: Tallapoosa County Board of Education

City, State: Camp Hill, Alabama

About the Nominee: Joe Abercrombie was nominated by Casey Davis. Mr. Abercrombie has worked in Tallapoosa County at various jobs over the years. One thing that has not changed is his commitment to students, their education and how to make a better life for each of them. He has a unique rapport with each student that helps him get the maximum amount of work from each student. Even when he pushes students to the edge, they prove to him that they can go one step higher. Any of his students will tell you quickly that Mr. Abercrombie has made that difference in their life. He has the ability to work with non-traditional students and help them gain an appreciation for education and where it can take them in this world.