Jody Emerson

Position: Assistant Principal School: U-32 Middle & High School

School District: Washington Central Supervisory Union

City, State: Montpelier, Vermont

About the Nominee: Jody Emerson was nominated by the parent of a student, Stephanie Croteau.

Jody Emerson is everything that a middle and high school assistant principal should be! She has the right balance of love, understanding and toughness that it takes to work with such a wide range of ages and personalities. Her nominator, Stephanie Croteau, had a positive experience with Principal Emerson when her oldest child was struggling with school at the end of their junior year. From day one, Principal Emerson was on top of the situation; she met and communicated with Mrs. Croteau and her husband several times. Principal Emerson acted quickly and helped Mrs. Croteau's family through an extremely difficult time, especially with getting her child back on track. Mrs. Croteau says that without Principal Emerson, this success story could have had a much different ending. At U-32, she was the rock for this family. Principal Emerson can take a difficult situation for a family, break it down so that it doesn't seem so overwhelming and be there with them every step of the way. She is a fantastic principal who has not only helped Mrs. Croteau's family, but many other families, through happy and difficult times alike!

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