JoAnne Rubin

Position: Special Education Teacher School: Northeast School

School District: Amityville Union Free School District

City, State: Amityville , New York

About the Nominee: JoAnne Rubin was nominated by her principal, Pauline Collins.

JoAnne Rubin is a special education teacher at Northeast Elementary School in Amityville, New York. Ms. Rubin is affectionately called the 'child whisperer' because of her ability to deal with the most challenging behaviors. She is a kind and loving teacher who is a strong advocate for her students. Ms. Rubin has taught her peers and colleagues to see the good in every student; if a student misbehaves, she will bring them down to the office to ask for compassion and consideration. Aside from the excellent work she does in the classroom, Ms. Rubin does parent training with her students' parents. She acts as a resource for her colleagues in dealing with challenging classroom situations. She is respected by administrators and teachers and dearly loved by her students and their families!

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