Jill Janes

Position: Director of Innovative Learning

School: Boone Community Schools

School District: Boone Community Schools

City, State: Boone, Iowa

About the Nominee: Jill Janes was nominated by her colleague, Kristopher Byam. Ms. Janes has been a LifeChanger for Mr. Byam ever since he took over as Boone High School principal. She is always a helping hand when it comes to planning Professional Development or coming up with crazy ideas. Ms. Janes inspires Mr. Byam to continue his push to make Boone High School the best school around by constantly focusing on what is right for students. Everything she does is with the students in mind.

Additionally, Ms. Janes is one of the kindest, most inspirational people one could meet. She continues to look for ways to empower students each day with innovative instructional strategies, and she helps bring that design thinking focus to the district. Ms. Janes is a LifeChanger because she makes things better for her district's students, faculty and families on a daily basis!

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