Jessica Seaton

Position: Third Grade Teacher

School: Christenberry Elementary School

School District: Knox County Schools

City, State: Knoxville, Tennessee

About the Nominee: Jessica Seaton has worked tirelessly at Christenberry Elementary School to better the lives of her students. She has worked at the school for over 12 years in various ways. Mrs. Seaton truly cares about her students and helping them to be successful in life. She works in different ways to show her students that she cares. For several years, Mrs. Seaton has worked in the after school tutoring program to help students who are struggling in reading to improve their skills. Mrs. Seaton also works during her summer break to help students in summer school. She has been involved in many organizations at Christenberry; for example, she is a current member of the PTA and works on the board. She has supported the school with various clubs and sports groups. She has held leadership positions for the newspaper and manners clubs, and she also coached an AYSO team for several years. Mrs. Seaton does not care that she gives so much to these students. Many of them come from non-traditional families. For her, making them feel loved and supported is most important to her. She goes to games and cheers her students on. She works tirelessly to build relationships with students so that they can feel like they belong. She wants each and every one one of her students to become productive citizens in life.

The impact that she has made on her students and community will last longer than her lifetime!

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