Jessica Carter

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

School: Windsor Elementary School

School District: Windsor C-1 School District

City, State: Kimmswick, Missouri

About the Nominee: Jessica Carter was nominated by her principal, Denise Funston. The question should really be, how ISN'T Ms. Carter a LifeChanger? According to Principal Funston, Ms. Carter has been a kindergarten teacher at Windsor Elementary for as long as she has known her. Ms. Carter is kind, compassionate, thoughtful and driven. She is a single mom to three children, aged 15, 13 and 9. Being a single mom does not stop her from going above and beyond, not only for her students, but for her community.

Ms. Carter created a clothing drive for students who struggle with having enough appropriate clothing. She spearheaded this drive herself and has reached out to different organizations to help supplement the drive, raising about $500 each year. This provides many of her students with gently used clothing, as well as new shoes, pajamas and undergarments. Ms. Carter serves as a respite care volunteer for students who are in foster care. Even though she has three children of her own, Ms. Carter has willingly provided respite for three other children on several weekends in order to give their foster families some alone time. Ms. Carter does what she does for others; she consistently puts other before herself. Principal Funston states that Ms. Carter is someone who she hopes to be like someday.

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