Jeremy Weir

Position: Principal

School: North Bay Elementary

School District: Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District

City, State: Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Jeremy Weir was nominated by a colleague, Angela Gill. Mr. Weir is in his second year as principal of North Bay Elementary. He was hired nine days before the beginning of last school year and came in like a whirlwind. As with many new principals, he made changes to school routines with a vision of improving student learning while promoting a positive school culture. He is always student-driven. Every day, he reminds students and staff that North Bay Elementary is a great place to be.

Mr. Weir explains his thoughts on the school to parents at PTO meetings, programs, and conferences. He wants students to see school as fun because if they're happy at school, they're more likely to do their best in the classroom. This outlook on school has spread throughout the faculty this year. The staff celebrates students because Mr. Weir inspired them to do so on a more regular basis. Every day, he demonstrates that the North Bay Elementary community is a family who looks out for and takes care of each other. This is evidenced in the hallways, classrooms and test scores. Students and parents have gotten used to seeing him at little league football games to cheer on students, as well as participating in community events such as Coastal Clean Up on an early Saturday morning. Basically, Mr. Weir is a LifeChanger because he has changed (and continues to change) lives in Bay St. Louis at North Bay Elementary. He believes in his students and staff, and he never lets them forget it.

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