Jeremy Bachman

Position: Social Studies Teacher / Athletic Director / Coach

School: Estelline High School

School District: Estelline School District #28-2

City, State: Estelline, South Dakota

About the Nominee: Jeremy Bachman was nominated by a colleague, Julie Rieckman. Mr. Bachman is a teacher who takes time to listen to his students, both inside and outside of school! He cares about his students and the things happening in their lives. Mr. Bachman is also the head football and assistant basketball coach. As a coach, he goes above and beyond. If his athletes run, he runs. If they shoot, he shoots. He is not a "do as I say," type of coach; he encourages his athletes to do what he does. His students say there are always new and exciting things happening in his class. Ms. Rieckman states that as a colleague, Mr. Bachman is there to boost her day, help her out when she is in need and be the first one to greet her every morning. His involvement does not stop at school because it's located in a small community (850 population), so he keeps busy with the weight room during the summer and helping out at Estelline's yearly celebration.

On top of this, he and his wife have two wonderful young children. "Dad time" is very important to him.

Mr. Bachman is definitely a LifeChanger in his community!

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