Jennifer Treadwell

Position: Co-Teacher, English 9 Support, Earth Sci Fund

School: Olympian High School

School District: Sweetwater Union High School District

City, State: Chula Vista, California

About the Nominee: Jennifer Treadwell was nominated by Hawley Woods, the parent of a student. Ms. Treadwell is an amazing human being who brings a smile to everyone around her. Hawley states that their family first met Ms. Treadwell two and a half years ago, when their oldest son started high school. Ms. Treadwell was exactly what Hawley's son needed in his life. He needed a teacher that would help his family advocate for him. He needed a teacher that would believe in him and see the best in him, even when he didn't see it in himself.

Ms. Treadwell loves every student she teaches. This love is pure and unconditional. She sees each student as her own child. She wants each student to succeed, no matter how much they struggle. Her eyes light up when she talks about Hawley's son. She gives Hawley's family confidence that their son will make it in high school and beyond, and she sees his full potential every day. Ms. Treadwell can rest assured knowing that she has made a huge difference in Hawley's family.