Jeff Gallup

Position: History/Physical Education Teacher

School: Bronson Jr/Sr High School

School District: Bronson Community Schools

City, State: Bronson, Michigan

About the Nominee: Jeff Gallup was nominated by his superintendent, Tersea Belote. Relationships matter. Mr. Gallup understands this at a fundamental level. He connects with students, families and other staff members because he focuses on what matters - people. Mr. Gallup dedicates himself to being a coach, mentor and friend to many people inside and outside of his school, every day. He influences positive change by his words and actions. Superintendent Belote has great respect for Mr. Gallup. When she asks students to name their favorite teachers, or who has made a difference in their lives, Mr. Gallup's name often comes up. One can watch him nurture and support new teachers with the same care and professionalism that can be seen in every other aspect of his job. He is making a difference beyond his classroom, and his district is a better place because of him!

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