Jeannie York

Position: K-12 Librarian

School: Kirby School District

School District: Kirby Public School District

City, State: Kirby, Arkansas

About the Nominee: Jeannie York was nominated by her principal, Dolores Cowart.

Jeannie York has touched the lives of thousands of students and makes life better for everyone she meets. She is a former school counselor who has empathy for all students. If a student needs anything, Mrs. York makes sure they get it. She works tirelessly in the elementary and high school libraries to make reading fun and interesting. She also teaches life skill classes and knows every child in the district. Mrs. York not only helps students; she also helps other teachers with any needs they have in their classrooms. If a teacher is doing a unit, Mrs. York makes sure the teacher has the needed library materials.

Additionally, she visits students and their families in times of sickness or if a death occurs in a family. She is very active in the community, has sponsored exchange students and taken in homeless students. Mrs. York has done all of this while raising her own daughter, who graduated as the valedictorian of her class. She is an amazing human being who does her job without fanfare, but her handiwork can be seen everywhere. Mrs. York is a LifeChanger just by being there. Students, parents, patrons and members of her church and community know that Mrs. York will be there for them.