Jeanetta McCallon

Position: Seventh Grade Language Arts Teacher School: Calloway County Middle School

School District: Calloway County Schools

City, State: Murray, Kentucky

About the Nominee: Jeanetta McCallon is in her 25th year of teaching middle school students. Of those 25 years, 21 have been spent teaching in Calloway County Schools. She continually assists students throughout the year, not only as a teacher in the school, but as a Sunday School teacher at her church. Ms. McCallon has gone above and beyond in her duties in order to nurture students, provide an example of integrity and portray high character. She holds her position as a teacher in high regard.

Teaching is what Ms. McCallon was born to do; she brings energy and understanding to her classroom while incorporating the proper curriculum and learning activities. She has a heart of gold and a willingness to help others, whether they are students, family members or neighbors. For many years, she was the lone or lead sponsor of a Jr. Beta Club at Calloway County Middle School. The number of trips she has taken with students in Jr. Beta Club, speech team or athletic competitions are numerous. These trips have provided an outlet for additional learning and have made educational activities fun for the students. Ms. McCallon has spent countless hours fundraising to support these activities, knowing that not all students could afford to participate in the trips.

Additionally, she is an excellent cook and gardener who chooses to can and preserve homemade fruits and vegetables. She often shares these with friends, co-workers or family members, displaying her talent and joy for encouraging and sharing with others. Additionally, Ms. McCallon is a tremendous wife and mother of two who has always been there for her family and helps to provide the support needed for their success. Lastly, she is the type of person who would never ask for recognition. It is important to note, however, that she has touched, positively influenced and changed so many lives in her school and community!

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