Jason Baribeau

Position: Kindergarten Teacher School: Rexford/Longfellow Elementary School

School District: Clintonville Public Schools

City, State: Clintonville , Wisconsin

About the Nominee: In a profession that is mostly female, a male Kindergarten teacher is sure to stand out. It takes great compassion to be a kindergarten teacher and Jason Baribeau has taught in Clintonville for 13 years. He helps many children with different learning abilities. He also helps with the after school program. In 2016, Mr. Baribeau's first kindergarten class graduated from high school, and many students still comment on how much he affected their lives. He was asked by a former student to come to her basketball game in high school; the student could invite the one person who affected her most in her life, and she asked Mr. Baribeau.

Looking at the lives of the students he has touched, one can greatly see the impact he has had on them.

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