Jason Akamine

Position: Eighth Grade Science Teacher

School: Washington Middle School

School District: Kaimuki

City, State: Honolulu, Hawaii

About the Nominee: Jason Akamine was nominated by a student, Josephine Muniz. Josephine knows firsthand that Mr. Akamine is an extremely dedicated science teacher. He is very passionate about what he teaches, which is earth science. Mr. Akamine changes the attitudes of many students who are not into school or science. According to Josephine, he makes science fun and interesting by utilizing creative games and labs. He spends so much time and effort to make each project special, fun and engaging.

Mr. Akamine also connects real life to what his students are learning. To give some examples, when his students learned about saving the environment, he turned off the air conditioning and showed them how cross ventilation can cool us. He also bought solar discs with his own money to show his students how to cook pizza in a solar oven. Despite any challenges he may face, Mr. Akamine does not give up and tries even harder. He is a true educator who works hard to make learning fun and engaging for everyone. Even students who struggle with school find his projects interesting. Josephine states that she enjoys the way he tries to help all of his students. He always has a welcoming smile on his face. Josephine's little sister currently has him as a teacher and feels the same way.

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