Janice Hall

Position: Reading Resource Teacher

School: W. D. Osborne Elementary School

School District: Floyd County Schools

City, State: Bevinsville, Kentucky

About the Nominee: Janice Hall was nominated by a colleague, Mary Dotson. No words can begin to express the reasons that Mrs. Janice Hall is a LifeChanger. No words would thoroughly explain the influence she has on the lives of those around her. According to Ms. Dotson, Mrs. Hall doesn't realize the influence she had on her during such a crucial part of her life. Mrs. Hall's ability to positively influence those around is truly remarkable.

One experience of many Ms. Dotson would like to share that demonstrates why Mrs. Hall is a LifeChanger occurred last school year. Last year was Ms. Dotson's first year as a teacher. Being at a new school and a new job, she was unsure of her abilities and lacked confidence. Mrs. Hall never failed to positively encourage her every time she was around. She would continuously remind Ms. Dotson that she had a purpose in life and that she was at Osborne Elementary for a reason. Mrs. Hall was beyond encouraging, whether it was through her words or just a simple pat on the back.

Mrs. Hall is truly dedicated to her profession. She puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into her day to making sure every child she works with is successful. Again and again, she has proven her ability to make a difference in the lives of students. Ms. Dotson states that she has seen the results of Mrs. Hall's handiwork during her short time in first grade. Mrs. Hall helped improve the reading levels of many students who were performing below grade level.

When Ms. Dotson first heard about the LifeChanger of the Year Program, Mrs. Hall immediately popped into her mind. Mrs. Hall is humble, and would not take credit or realize that she is truly a LifeChanger. She is not only a fighter for the success of students, but she is a cancer survivor, as well. Although she has gone through trials and obstacles, her attitude remains positive. Ms. Dotson says that Mrs. Hall truly changed her life and experience as new teacher, and for that, she is very grateful.

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