Janet Tucker

Position: Counselor

School: Nora Davis Magnet School

School District: Laurel School District

City, State: Laurel, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Janet Tucker was nominated by her principal, Tammy Griffith. Ms. Tucker has worked in the Laurel School District for over 20 years as a music teacher and an elementary counselor. She has spent the majority of her years as a counselor reaching through the heart of every student she has met. She has taken the role of counselor and turned it into a position of prominent care-giver. Ms. Tucker makes herself available to every student, and when dealing with parents or teachers, she makes every decision based on the needs of the child. Using her love and knowledge of music, she has developed lessons on character education using music, instruments, songs, movement and even literature.

Ms. Tucker is one of the biggest "cheerleaders" for students. She reaches deep into their lives to help them cope with every day life, trials or dark situations, social issues, adult emotions, school work and fears. Ms. Tucker is a friend to teachers, as well. She teaches and regulates the MTSS process with teachers, takes care of all student records and monitors state testing and grading. She is a bridge between teachers, parents and/or administrators.

In the community, Ms. Tucker seeks out additional help for her school. She helps the PTO officers and is an integral part of the school adopters. In the past, she has participated in community theater and city events. For the past 30 years, she has also directed a children's choir at her church, a hand bell choir and many special singing groups.

What makes Ms. Tucker stand out as a LifeChanger is her unconditional love and devotion to those around her. Each student's dream is her dream, and their fears are her fears. She treats everyone fairly and with the utmost respect. Parents and students alike seek her out. Ms. Griffith states that as an administrator, there is no one she'd rather have on her team than Ms. Tucker because she is a true model of life for everyone!

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