Jami Wittman

Position: Dean of Academics

School: Harmony Science Academy - Grand Prairie

School District: Harmony Public Schools

City, State: Grand Prairie, Texas

About the Nominee: Jami Wittman experienced health problems that only made her stronger and show what true determination is, all while worrying about her students. No one wants to have health problems, but Mrs. Wittman battled them with grace and sheer grit. She never complained while struggling with her health. That's not all of who she is, however. Her family at home and at work are everything that she needs! Mrs. Wittman is an amazing, thoughtful woman who will do anything for her community and her school. She calms students down when they're nervous for tests, and she meets with parents to assure that their child is receiving the best education they can get. She will make accommodations and take necessary actions to ensure that all of her students and colleagues have everything that they need.

She puts others first and herself second, at all costs.

Mrs. Wittman regularly attends community meetings to ensure that her school is provided with the best surroundings. The bravery and will that she has for everything she does is life-changing!

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