Heather Singleton

Position: Physical Education Teacher School: Temple Elementary School

School District: Carroll County School District

City, State: Temple, Georgia

About the Nominee: Heather Singleton exhibits an unwavering commitment to loving and teaching her students. She has a compassionate heart and exudes what it means to be a LifeChanger. It's not only her current students who adore and love her; Ms. Singleton's former students continue to go out of their way to be around her or speak with her. There is no denying that she has made an impact on so many students, both past and present. She has also made an impact on the teachers and her peers. Ms. Singleton selflessly donates her time to making sure anything that needs to get done goes smoothly and is organized. She encourages everyone around her, and her colleagues know without a doubt how much she cares. She has changed the lives of her students and colleagues by creating in them a desire to push forward and go above and beyond.

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