Heather Hall

Position: English Teacher School: Cumberland High School

School District: Cumberland School Department

City, State: Cumberland, Rhode Island

About the Nominee: Heather Hall is the type of person who never fails to greet people with a smile. She is one of the kindest and most compassionate people one could ever meet. Miss Hall works as a Sophomore English teacher at Cumberland High School and is passionate towards her craft. She has a wealth of knowledge and personal experiences which she openly shares with her students. Miss Hall challenges her students to think critically while teaching literature and sharing life lessons, demonstrating how one individual impacts the life of everyone else they encounter.

Additionally, Miss Hall attends every school sponsored event, from proms and spirit week events to student government meetings. She weighs in on how these events should be executed and aides in making sure they run smoothly. Furthermore, she is the class advisor for Cumberland High's Class of 2017. Miss Hall has seen these students through all four years of high school and works to ensure that she can provide them with the best high school careers she can.

Overall, Miss Hall works tirelessly to make sure her students get the best education possible. Even if a student is no longer in her class, she will support them whenever they need it, with no questions asked and no expectations of anything in return. She embodies the characteristics of brevity, integrity, strength, determination and wisdom, which she instills in every student she meets. Miss Hall is without a doubt a LifeChanger; she turns her students into better people when they leave her than when they initially walked through her classroom doors.

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