Gregory Spencer

Position: History/Government/Psychology Teacher School: International Technology Academy

School District: Pontiac School District

City, State: Pontiac, Michigan

About the Nominee: Gregory Spencer was nominated by a student, Jose Ybarra.

Gregory Spencer is a man who puts others needs ahead of his own. He helps students succeed in classes they are struggling in. Even if the subject is not his strong suit, he is always willing to give a helping hand. He has been teaching for 18 years, and the thing that keeps him going is that he wants to ensure success for every student.

Mr. Spencer is involved in many different clubs and activities. He is the head of the robotics team, using his leadership and communication skills to thrive and motivate everyone on the team, including the engineer mentors. He is also the head of the school's National Honors Society, where he encourages the students to think of ways to help International Technology Academy. Mr. Spencer has also been a coach for a soccer team. He changes lives by seeing the potential in each student and helping them identify it within themselves. He is so confident in his students' success for the future, he tells them the only payback he wants is that they buy him a yacht when they are rich.

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