Gennifer Koebke

Position: Instructional Resource Teacher for English/Language Arts School: Green Holly Elementary School

School District: St. Mary's County Public Schools

City, State: Lexington Park, Maryland

About the Nominee: Gennifer Koebke was nominated by her principal, Wauchilue Adams.

Gennifer Koebke provides professional development and coordinates reading instruction for Green Holly Elementary School. This has allowed for vertical articulation and alignment, and the students have made significant gains in independent reading and vocabulary development. Mrs. Koebke models instructional techniques and collaborates with other teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals. Although Green Holly has always had a reading focus, Mrs. Koebke has been instrumental in changing the school's culture with successful, daily at-home reading. Her students are highly motivated to read and love the many reading challenges posed to them. Mrs. Kobeke is known as the cheerleader for reading and is highly regarded by students, parents and staff. The school's families have raved about the reading improvements their children have made and have shared how, in many cases, their children are choosing to read as a pastime. Green Holly is a Title I school with a mobility rate of approximately 20 percent. Mrs. Koebke is a LifeChanger because she has shared her contagious passion for reading and learning with the entire school community. These days, teachers have to ask students to stop reading so that they can pay attention during instruction. Mrs. Koebke has been at the helm of Green Holly's language arts instruction and has given students the best gift ever - a love of reading! Gennifer Koebke is a true LifeChanger!

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