Fred Slettom


Position: Custodian

School: Little Falls Community High School

School District:Little Falls Community Schools

City, State: Little Falls, Minnesota

About the Nominee: Fred Slettom was nominated by his superintendent, Stephen Jones.

Mr. Slettom is more than just a custodian; he is the heart and soul of Little Falls Community High School. He serves as the unofficial ambassador for all who enter the school's doors. He greets friends and visitors alike, always extending a hearty "Hello" or a handshake to welcome people into the school. His appeal with people extends from toddlers to senior citizens, from freshmen to seniors. All who meet and know Mr. Slettom have incredible respect for the person he is. He continues to teach students about life each and every day, but no lesson he teaches is more important than these two:

1) You get what you give. Mr. Slettom gives respect, and in return, he receives respect. He enjoys wonderful relationships with students because he gives them respect, first and foremost. Therefore, he receives the reciprocal respect from students.

2) Take pride in all that you do. Through the efforts of Mr. Slettom and his equally superb colleagues, Little Falls Community High School defies its age. Even though it was built in 1972, the facility is maintained at an incredibly high level and appears much younger than it actually is. Mr. Slettom models the value of pride in the work that you do, regardless of what it is. He literally glows when visitors to Little Falls Community High comment how clean and spotless the building is, even though it hosts 800 students and 125 adults on a daily basis.

For these reasons, and many others, Mr. Slettom is a LifeChanger in his community!