Frances Marron

Position: Secretary

School: Ron Watson Middle School

School District: Yuma Elementary School District One

City, State: Yuma, Arizona

About the Nominee: Frances Marron was nominated by her principal, Donna Franklin.

Frances Marron has worked at Ron Watson Middle School since its opening in 2004. Not only is she the school secretary, but she is Principal Franklin's right hand! Ms. Marron is a pillar at Ron Watson; she always demonstrates professionalism and loyalty to her district and school. She is exceptional at her job, as verified by her performance evaluations and calls for advice from other school secretaries. Additionally, she is instrumental in creating a warm and caring environment for students, parents and staff members. Students love her, staff respect her and parents appreciate her. Ms. Marron works tirelessly to make sure everything is done in a timely manner and all stakeholders are attended to. She has also been instrumental with regards to the eighth grade promotion dinner/dance each year. Ever since Ron Watson had its first graduating class, she has been responsible for organizing the dinner/dance and cooking the food each year. She does it with a smile, even though it takes place during the busiest time of the year for her. As she always says, "It's for the kids!" The school would be at a loss without her!