Ernest Caldwell

Position: Teacher

School: Malcolm X Shabazz High School

School District: Newark Public Schools

City, State: Newark, New Jersey

About the Nominee: Ernest Caldwell was nominated by a student, Lauryn Banks. Mr. Caldwell is a LifeChanger in his community! He has gone above and beyond to reach out to the students in his area in order to improve their academic and social well-being. His job does not simply go from 7am to 4pm, nor does it end on June 21st. Instead, he stays in touch with his students to prepare them for college, work and life. He is a dependable source who will ensure his students' readiness for the real world and success.

Mr. Caldwell has made a particularly powerful impact in the young African American community. He influences and leads them, confirming that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel regardless of any opinions placed on them. He is the social disruption to the stigma placed on the black male. Mr. Ernest Caldwell is indeed a LifeChanger!

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