Erin Salazar

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

School: Turtle Bay School

School District: Redding School District

City, State: Redding, California

About the Nominee: Erin Salazar was nominated by her principal, AJ Anderson.

It is rare to find a teacher that possesses the passion, animation, eagerness or dedication to student success as Erin Salazar does. Principal Anderson says she is a gifted elementary educator and a leader in her grade level and on the Turtle Bay campus. She is held in the highest esteem by the students, staff and school stakeholders with whom she interacts. Most paramount is the fact that every educational decision she makes is to improve the lives of the students she serves.

Mrs. Salazar is proactive in her planning and wants her classroom to be warm and inviting for all who enter. With her knowledge and expertise, she makes herself invaluable to her colleagues by monitoring formative and summative assessment data, assessing student needs, collaborating with staff/school stakeholders and still finding time to help with projects and curricular decisions at the district level. She is an active participant in the Shasta County Office of Education’s STEM Grant. On numerous occasions, she has invited community and business partners into her classroom to teach her students about colleges and careers. She regularly visits Turtle Bay Museum and Exploration Park to get science curricula such as GEMS to share with her colleagues.

Mrs. Salazar is the epitome of a team player, and she continues to be an enormous asset at Turtle Bay School. Her timely and accurate completion of tasks is never in question. Moreover, her professionalism towards her duties, quality of personal character, and fun nature make her an excellent LifeChanger!