Erin Bolda

Position: Math Teacher School: Plainwell Middle School

School District: Plainwell Community Schools

City, State: Plainwell, Michigan

About the Nominee: Erin Bolda was nominated by her principal, Tasia Stamos.

Erin Bolda is one of the most outstanding teachers one could ever meet. She is very cognizant of the fact that if you have a strong relationship with your students, they will do anything to be successful. Mrs. Bolda reaches students by incorporating Capturing Kids' Hearts and Quantum Learning into her teaching. In addition, she builds a positive mindset with all of her students and incorporates Kagan Structures when using cooperative learning groups. She is very resourceful and open to new ideas, and she sets high expectations and demonstrates that there are no barriers that can't be overcome to achieve goals. Her positive energy is inspiring to all of her students, but especially to those that are struggling learners. Mrs. Bolda has a clear and consistent vision, and her endless energy and exceptional spirit are inspiring to all. She has the capacity to persuade and influence rather than direct, and she is a lifelong learner who works to engage and excite students and peers. Mrs. Bolda puts forth great effort to differentiate her lessons in order to address the array of learning styles in her classroom. She adapts her instruction to accommodate the individualized learning needs of her students. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Bolda is a mentor to two high school students and two new teachers in the Plainwell Middle School building. She volunteers for many committees and assists with leading professional development sessions for staff. Mrs. Bolda works with students after school and is in constant communication with their parents. She is truly an exceptional teacher; the success that her students experience is a testament to how she inspires them. She is a LifeChanger!

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