Erin Albert

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher

School: Audubon Park Elementary School

School District: Orange County Public Schools

City, State: Orlando, Florida

About the Nominee: Erin Albert was nominated by multiple colleagues. The following profile contains information from each nomination: Mrs. Albert is new to Audubon Park Elementary School this school year, and she is already exceeding expectations. She is truly dedicated to her students and their families!

Mrs. Albert has many ESE students in her classroom, and she provides differentiated instruction to all of her students to ensure they have an equal opportunity to learn and be successful at school every day. Mrs. Albert works with her students' parents to make sure they know how to help their children at home. She went as far as scheduling a meeting with a homeless parent in the lobby of a hotel to help support their child.

Mrs. Albert understands how to provide additional support for those in need, both at school and at home. She has been an asset to Audubon Park and its community since her arrival in August. She is extremely passionate about making sure all students have an equal opportunity to learn, regardless of their home life situation. Mrs. Albert also supports the parents in her classroom and provides things to students that they don't get at home, such as food/snacks, clothing, school supplies, etc. The amount giving Ms. Albert does to support her students, families and other teachers at Audubon Park Elementary is endless!

From Samantha Ward: Mrs. Albert has a passion for her students that is unmatched. She works with many students who have learning disabilities, yet maintains high expectations and a great deal of patience with them. Under her instruction, her students flourish both academically and socially. These students are very blessed to have a teacher who displays her love for teaching and each of her individual students on a daily basis.

From an anonymous colleague: Mrs. Albert recently took donated clothing to a family who couldn't make it to the school to pick it up. She chose to drive the clothing to the family on her personal time because she knows how beneficial it is to them and how embarrassing it could be for their child to take it home. She always has a positive attitude in the face of any demanding task. She always has a smile and the determination to make sure every child can succeed. Audubon Park is blessed to have her!