Emily McGee

Position: Fifth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher

School: Glanton-Hindsman Elementary School

School District: Carroll County School District

City, State: Villa Rica, Georgia

About the Nominee: Emily McGee was nominated by a colleague, Katie Keener. Ms. McGee exemplifies what it means to be a dedicated teacher! Her teaching practices and methods are engaging and effective, but it is not only her skills as an instructor that make her a truly stellar educator. It is her heart and passion that does.

Ms. McGee's devotion to her school and students is evident in virtually everything she does. She is present in every way imaginable; she shows up early, stays late, and has a remarkably low absence rate. Ms. McGee attends school functions, not because she is required to do so, but because she loves her students and their families. When she is present, she is present in body, mind and spirit. Her students excel because they are engaged and invested in their education. She keeps her students engaged through meaningful, compelling lessons, and she gets them invested by showing concern, not only for their education, but for them as people.

Ms. McGee is a gift to her colleagues, as well. Glanton-Hindsman's staff regard one another as family, and Ms. McGee is a perfect example of this. She cares for and supports her coworkers with the same selfless compassion as she does her students. Everyone at Glanton-Hindsman benefits from Ms. McGee's presence. She changes the lives of students and teachers alike. Ms. McGee is a LifeChanger!

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