Emilee Berryhill

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher

School: Martin Bluff Elementary School

School District: Pascagoula-Gautier School District

City, State: Gautier, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Emilee Berryhill is a LifeChanger at her school. She pushes all of her students to achieve their maximum potential. Her classroom is filled with fun, hands-on activities to keep her students engaged. She always volunteers to tutor her students after school to help them meet their goals. She also provides intensive interventions for students who struggle. Ms. Berryhill builds positive relationships with her students and their parents. She is always in constant communication with her students' parents to ensure their children achieve academic success. In her school, Ms. Berryhill has volunteered to organize many events. One event she organized was the Back to School Pep Rally. She is also the Informational Technology Specialist at her school, helping teachers in the building with their technology issues. She is a mentor teacher to new teachers and veteran teachers, and she helps them plan lessons for their classrooms. Ms. Berryhill also shares her knowledge of new technology programs with teachers in the building. She has presented at the district's Tech Camp for teachers from across the state.

Ms. Berryhill is always asked by the district curriculum specialists to present professional development for math and reading to other teachers from her district. She has been awarded Teacher of the Year by her school, and she has also been awarded A+ Reading, Math, and Technology Teacher by the district staff for multiple years.

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